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My Approach


First and foremost,  I just love working with people and celebrating their successes.  I have a very down to earth style and feel I am  a genuinely compassionate, caring and non judgmental person.  I meet you where you are at.


My counselling approach takes into account the whole of you;  utilising a range of evidence based therapies, tools and techniques depending on your unique needs.  Working together we can decide which approach will work best for you, and that you feel comfortable with.  


I have special interests  in mindfulness based counselling therapies (especially Acceptance and Commitment Therapy also known as ACT ) and working with women through all life transition stages (from young adults through to seniors).  I am also a registered yoga teacher, and can draw on that background to help you gain deeper insight into how your mind and body work together and can impact your  overall wellbeing. 



My Background

Image by Kara Eads

Prior to starting private counselling practice, I had the privilege of working as a lifeline counsellor for several years.  I also had consultant and senior management roles in Human Resources and Recruitment, (which included formal workplace counselling and career coaching) working in the U.K and Australia.  I’m a Welsh Australian and have been lucky to have lived around the world. I lived  for several years in Singapore when my children were young, and I studied social psychology in the U.S.A. as part of my undergraduate degree. I’ve practised yoga for over 20 years, and became a certified yoga teacher in 2019.  


In case you were wondering, “dewis” is a welsh word which means “choice”.

My Qualifications

Image by Joyful

  • BA (Hons) in Communications (Majors in Social and Abnormal Psychology)

  • Diploma of Professional Counselling (Majors in mindfulness based therapies and effective parenting and child development)

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Lifeline Counsellor

  • NVQ (UK) Work Place Counselling

  • I have professional registrations with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), and Yoga Australia (YA).

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